Angelbert Metoyer’s recent solo exhibition at Deborah Colton Gallery, Babies: Walk on Water, Present, Future and Time Travelers, met with great success, with collectors flying into Houston from various cities and red dots on every new work by the end of the opening reception.

Angelbert Metoyer’s recent solo exhibition at Deborah Colton Gallery
Long-time collectors and curators world-wide have embraced the accompanying catalogue to the exhibition that has essays written by Catherine D.Anspon, author of Texas Artists Today, Steven Psyllos (New York City) Kristie Ramirez (Dallas), Maurice Bobb (Houston) and Deborah M. Colton writing the introduction. The catalogue highlights the journey of the Babies, Time Traveler Series with essays or works included by many of Metoyer’s patrons and collectors, including Craig Massey, Lester Marks, Poppi Massey, Karla and Mark McKinney, among others. The catalogue is available through Deborah Colton Gallery.
Angelbert Metoyer is one of the most dynamic and artistic creators coming out of Texas. Launching his artistic career when he was still in high school in 1994, Metoyer was given two rooms in the Project Row Houses: a community arts center based in Houston. In 1995, he was included in exhibitions concurrently at Project Row Houses and Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and then moved to Atlanta to study at what is now the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Angelbert Metoyer has acquired a devoted following of collectors in Texas, nationally and abroad. His artwork is included in many museum collections including the African American Museum in Dallas, the Museum of Fine Arts: Houston the Museum of Fine Arts, Leipzig (Germany) and the Williamsburg Museum of 21st Century Art in Brooklyn, among others. Metoyer was first shown at Deborah Colton Gallery in Qatar Narratives: A Country Expressed By Its Own Voices (2008). In this exhibition, Metoyer was selected as the only American artist, where his work reflected on the art of the nine prominent Qatari artists also included in the exhibition and revealed Metoyer’s mystical connections to the Middle East. Since then he has consistently shown his breathtaking work worldwide, exhibiting in various cities in the United States, as well as internationally in Italy, Germany, Peru, the United Kingdom, France, China, Cuba and the United Arab Emirates. Besides his other international projects, Angelbert will be having another major solo exhibition at Deborah Colton Gallery the fall of 2014.

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